How Your Vision Changes as You Age?

No one sees the world quite like you, and it may take a new pair of lenses to help you see your best.  Being a bit of a camera bug myself, it’s easy to recognize that many of life’s moments are worth capturing, whether it is seeing your favorite band in concert or the smiling faces of family and friends at a get-together.

Even more important than capturing those moments on camera, is the ability to enjoy them fully in the moment, which may require a little help from a trusty pair of specs. Luckily there are plenty of lens options to choose from, so you can see the world with clarity and comfort.  Here’s a quick guide to help you find lenses that suit your lifestyle.

Understanding The Basics of Lenses

Single Vision
Single vision lenses can help if you have trouble seeing up close or far away, and can correct astigmatisms. Today’s lenses are also digitally surfaced and your eye doctor can take specific measurements to optimize your lenses for your unique visual needs. Think of it as the difference between buying a suit off the rack, or having one perfectly tailored according to your measurements.

You can say goodbye to bifocals thanks to progressive lenses which can help you see clearly both near and far, and at distances in between with a seamless transition. Unlike bifocals, these lenses don’t have a line separating near and distance prescriptions providing a sleek and youthful look.

Computer Vision
If you spend the majority of your work day on the computer, you could benefit from task-specific lenses like computer vision lenses which provide you with an optimal prescription when working on the computer.

Lens Enhancements
After selecting your lens type, you can customize your lenses further with lens enhancements. Lens enhancements perform a variety of functions such as protecting your lenses from scratches, reducing reflection and smudges, protecting your eyes against UV rays, and reducing blue light exposure.

Anti-reflective (AR) coating
Nix glare with this clear lens coating which can also help reduce smudging and scratches.

Light-reactive lenses
Also known as photochromic lenses, these lenses quickly darken in sunlight and turn clear again indoors, providing comfort, clarity, UV protection, and blue-light reduction in any environment.

Blue Light Reduction
Blue light enhancements help reduce exposure to high-energy blue light emitted by many of today’s digital devices. This helps to alleviate eye strain due to exposure. A blue light coating on your lens can offer relief from sore, irritated, tired eyes while working, cramming, e-reading, or binge-watching. Learn more about the effects of blue light on your eyes.

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