Halloween Saftey Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Whether you are taking little ones trick-or-treating or heading to a Halloween party, the fun of getting ready often begins with picking out a costume. But don’t let even your scariest costume turn into a real nightmare. Avoid these common costume snafus that could result in unexpected injuries.

Make sure your costume doesn’t impair your vision. Avoid blocking your eyes with masks, wigs, or accessories. And if you or your child typically wear glasses to see well, don’t ditch them for fashion’s sake. They could even be the accessory that perfectly pulls your costume together. On that note, play it safe when it comes to accessories and props. Pointy objects like toy swords and wands can easily cause eye injuries if they are not handled carefully.

If you like to go all out with your costume, decorative contacts can take your costume to the next level, however they do come with serious risks including corneal abrasion, allergic reactions, infection, and even blindness. Decorative lenses sold without a prescription are both illegal and pose danger to your eyes, so it’s important to see an eye doctor first to determine your prescription, and not to share or borrow them from friends.

In addition to being able to see your best, it’s just as important to stay seen while trick-or-treating. Bring a flashlight along to help you see where you are going and stay visible to cars. If possible, wear bright or reflective clothing. Glow sticks also make a fun costume accessory that help you and your kids stay visible at night.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Halloween! More safety tips from Prevent Blindness can be found here.

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