Protect Your Eyes on Vacation

The three things to remember next time you head out the door for vacation:

If there’s one thing to not leave home without (besides your wallet, phone, and keys) it’s a trusty pair of sunglasses. No matter where you’re headed, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to keep your eyes comfortable on sunny and overcast days. Make sure that they provide 100% UV protection.

If you’re headed to the beach or mountains, you may want to consider polarized sunglasses as they can help reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow. Wraparound styles are also great for windy conditions, as they provide more coverage to protect the eyes from flying particles and dryness.

Spare glasses/contacts
If you are an avid contact lens wearer, bring your cleaning solution and back up eyewear. You never know when one of those little guys might pop out.

Even if you wear glasses, a back-up pair in the glovebox can be handy for some of life’s unexpected moments.

Eye drops
When traveling you may need to adapt to different climates. Even air planes have drier air than your eyes might be used to. Keeping some artificial tears on hand can help you deal with environmental factors or even flush out irritants like smoke or pollen.

If you do run into unexpected eye issues away from home, there are thousands of VSP network eye doctors across the U.S. that can be located using the Find a Doctor search on

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