Eye Exams After LASIK

A little more than three years ago, I decided I was ready for LASIK surgery. I’d been wearing glasses and contacts since my sophomore year of high school, and decided I was ready for a change. My VSP network eye doctor performed LASIK on both eyes, and I was so happy with the results. I kept telling all my friends and family, “I wish I had done this twenty years ago!” LASIK was my new BFF.

After my procedure, I got a bit lazy and stopped going in for regular eye exams. Side note: when you work for a vision care company, this really isn’t something you’re supposed to admit. I was seeing well enough to drive, watch TV, and do work on my computer screen so I didn’t see the need to see my eye doctor.

A year passed, then two, then three, without getting an eye exam. As I found out, this is a terrible strategy. Eye exams cover a lot more than just your vision. Eye doctors also check for signs of diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the overall health of your eyes. I decided it was time to step up to the plate and get back on track with my eye exams. I made an appointment at a Premier Program location with a VSP network eye doctor just around the corner from where I live and had my first eye exam since 2015. I decided to go to a Premier Program location because I knew they had extra savings and exclusive offers to help save me money.

And guess what? I’m really glad I scheduled the appointment. As it turns out, I still need a bit of vision correction even after LASIK, so I was able to choose a cool new pair of glasses. I was really impressed with the wide selection of designer frames the practice had to offer. My eye doctor recommended adding lenses that filter blue light since I sit at a computer most of the day. She also talked with me about my dry eye symptoms (which apparently are common post-LASIK) and offered me a few eye drop solutions to check out.

Lesson learned. Eye exams are important, every year, no matter where you are in life or how good you think your vision is. I won’t be skipping any future annual eye exams, and I’d encourage others to stay on course with their own eye health.

You can learn more about scheduling your annual eye exam at a Premier Program location.

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