10 Steps for Eye Relief

Have extra time on your hands now that you’re retired, or are you planning on what you will do with your time when retirement finally comes? Wherever you’re at with your free time, additional time on a tablet, phone, or digital device may be becoming a bigger part of your daily routine. According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center, adults aged 60 and older – a group increasingly populated by Baby Boomers – now spend more than half of their daily leisure time, four hours and 16 minutes, in front of screens, mostly watching TV or videos.

Even though this time may be spent at leisure, your eyes are still hard at work. That additional exposure can contribute to digital eye strain, due to blue light exposure – yikes. Blue light is a range of light that contains the highest amount of energy in the visible light spectrum. This high-energy light is emitted by smartphones, tablets, TVs, computer monitors, LED and CFL lighting, and the sun. How does blue light exposure contribute to digital eye strain? Two ways, actually:

  1. When blue light enters the eye, it scatters before reaching the retina. Our eyes work overtime trying to focus this scattered light, which they cannot do. ​​All that work can lead to strain and fatigue.
  2. Depending on brightness, this out-of-focus blue light can appear as glare. The more blue light in the environment, the greater the glare.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your eyes are ready to combat these types of harsh conditions by making sure your choice of eyewear offers the type of defense you need to continue to enjoy your time (and freedom!) online. Adding an anti-reflective coating like TechShield Blue AB to your lenses, or choosing a light-reactive lens like SunSync Elite, can help reduce blue light exposure, which can contribute to digital eye strain in as little as two hours of screen time. Taking this preventative step can help you work, play, and connect confidently on the digital device of your choice.

No matter how much time you’re online, be sure to see your eye doctor for yearly eye exams and to discuss how to keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

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